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Fear and Intuition

It’s easy to mistake your feeling of intuition with your feeling of fear. Intuition is about love and comes from the heart. Intuition concerns itself with making a positive impact. It sees no bounderies and gets to the core…


Live Dangerously

The womb of the mother is said to be the most comfortable place in the world. In the womb you’re protected. You float around in liquid. You have no work to do. You’re never bothered. No sound is too…


How to Motivate Your Team

Years ago I was having trouble leading my team. My company was growing fast and I felt like we were losing that energy we once had. I read a bunch of management books for solutions which led me to…


It’s Not The Millennials, It’s You

A business owner was complaining that everyone he hires is so lazy. He blames it on the millennial generation that don’t want to work. But he’s wrong. It’s not a people problem. It almost never is. It’s an operational…


Avoiding Information Bubbles

I took this picture yesterday at Chapters. It’s a simple example of what’s going on in marketing. “If you love this, you will love these.” In the future we will only see what we want to see. It’s already…


Chasing Financial Freedom

I remember when I first started as a personal trainer. Exchanging my time for money. I was passionate. I was in my element and when I helped people change their lives I felt fulfilled. My goal was to realize…


Moving Towards Business Maturity

The oldest business in the world is a hot-spring hotel called Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Yamanashi, Japan. which has existed since the year 705. A business that is far into maturity. A new startup is like a teenager, it’s…