How buzz spreads about your business

Chelsea and I went to a silent disco. If you’ve never been, the way it works is that everyone wears headphones you can switch between 3 channels or colours (red, green and blue). Every colour is connected to a…


You Can’t Buy Happiness

In 2010 I read this study that revealed what I always felt to be right. That money only makes you happy to a certain level. Once you have enough money to meet your basic needs and a little extra…


A picture is worth a thousand words

I sat through a presentation today for a design firm. The woman would present a slide on the screen filled with text and would then start talking to me. I didn’t know whether to read the slide or to…


All stories fit into one of these 7 plots

Ever realize that most movies are the same after a while. That’s because they are. Here are 7 plots that make up all those blockbuster movies we watch: 1. Rags to riches 2. The quest 3. Overcoming a monster…


Avoid The crazy boring zone

A brand can easily fall into crazy zone. You know that person talking about different dimensions? But an idea can also fall into boring zone. You know that person you can’t think of because they’re too boring. If an…


I did a seminar on leadership this week

I did a seminar on Thursday about leadership. I talked about how there’s a culture shift going on where leadership is moving from the old fashion “do as I say” dictator style of leadership to a more cooperative inspirational…

meditation ottawa

I never knew meditation would be so powerful

I started meditating because I was stressed out and had heard that it could help. I made it a daily habit and gradually I started to get less anxious (It even helped me give up my life-long addiction to…


12 marketing archetypes

I’ve been a fan of psychologist Carl Jung for a long time. He discovered that there was 12 character archetypes that could be found in different tribes all over the world. Even in tribes that would have never come…


How to get over your fear of rejection

The real driving force behind the fear of rejection is a lack of confidence. The good news is you can develop confidence with practice. You’ll need to expose yourself as often as you can to the possibility of rejection…


A different view on marketing

When I was 18 years old I met this guy that was a direct mail advertising expert. He was working for the gym I was working at and he was interviewing members as they finished their workouts. Having read…


Choosing to be happy

Friday I was walking my dog in the morning when I saw this lady that lives on my street who must be in her 90’s. I said hello and I exlaimed in an excited voice “it’s going to be…