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The Lawn Cutter and the Gardener

Cutting the lawn is easy, anyone can do it. Just start the lawnmower and follow the lines. The problem with the lawn cutter is that his art is short lived – after a few weeks it’s as if the…


What’s New?

It’s the first question we ask someone when we haven’t seen them in a while. New is what comes up in conversation and is why the news is called the news. Yet most brands never utilize the power of…

phone addiction

Society’s Real Addiction

On Snapchat you get a score that increases the more you use it. The higher the score the more authority you get – making people want to use it more. The goal of any app creator is to get…


Pat Yourself On The Back

“Mom, look at me!” Kids constantly want approval, and if they don’t get it they’ll scream and cry until they do. But have we really changed as adults? Society simply pushes it further. We go to school where we…


The Jobs We Won’t Lose to Machines

The only jobs we won’t lose to machines are jobs that are rooted in emotion. Jobs that require sympathy, empathy, respect, warmth, tenderness, and love. When a robot says I love you. Even when the robot is made to…

reach customers

How is Your Customer Likely to be Reached?

When I owned a fitness club it was next to impossible for people to reach me. My staff and managers knew never to give out my phone number and if someone cold called me they were screened by two…


Why Are You Not Blogging Yet?

Building a personal brand is a powerful thing these days. I run into people all the time who read my blog and tell me they’ve been meaning to start blogging yet never do. They’re stuck in the details of…