10 things you must take responsibility for


Most people tend to avoid responsibility. As humans we are born completely dependent of our parents and we work our way towards autonomy as adults. But along the way some people get stuck. Some people in one aspect of their lives and others in many aspects. It’s easy to depend on your parents or your partner for bringing you happiness. It’s easy to blame your past or your circumstances but it’s immature. Being responsible comes with the risk of failure and most people will avoid that at all cost. They would rather live in frustration than to take responsibility for their own life.

Self-responsibility starts with the recognition that you are responsible for your own existence and no one else. Self-responsibility takes maturity and courage. With self-responsibility comes high self-esteem and with high self esteem comes a life well lived.

Here are the things you are responsible for: 

  1. The level of attention you put towards your activities.
  2. Choices, decisions and actions you make.
  3. The fulfillment of your desires.
  4. The beliefs you hold and the values you live by.
  5. How you prioritize your time.
  6. Your choice of friends.
  7. How you deal with people.
  8. What you do about your feelings and emotions
  9. Your own happiness
  10. Your life and well being.

Taking self-responsibility is to accept the terrible responsibility of life with full awareness. It means taking everything you know and bringing it into habitual action. It means accepting the end of the unconscious paradise of childhood. It means understanding that everyday is a death and rebirth. And it mean willingly undertaking the sacrifices necessary to generate a productive and meaningful life.

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