17 ways to gain more clients

  1. Care for your clients so much that they feel the need to refer you to others.
  2. Create an irresistible low cost and short time commitment offer to help prospects take the first step.
  3. Hit the phone and get former clients back.
  4. Create a team of ambassadors that can spread the word about what you do in exchange for a discount or added value.
  5. Schedule free “lunch and learn” seminars for local businesses with ten or more employees.
  6. Give all new clients a free gift to offer a friend for easy referrals and conversion.
  7. Commit to talking to at least 10 people a day.
  8. Make friends with industry related influencers. Always give before you get.
  9. Buy the top spots on Google Adwords for your search term.
  10. Write content on your subject everyday to dominate the search engines with SEO.
  11. Build an engaged email list of clients, prospects, and former clients.
  12. Create a targeted Facebook Ad promoting your irresistible offer.
  13. Send direct mail to your potential clients homes with a 2 step lead generation plan.
  14. Make sure your website is speaking to your ideal client and that it’s packed with social proof and a fine tuned lead generator.
  15. Create scripts for everything. A phone script. A face to face script. A sales script. Dealing with objections scripts.
  16. Focus your time on the one thing you should be doing to grow your business and outsource the rest.
  17. Write articles and perform interviews with local media influencers.

There’s many more but that’s a good start.

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