2 Restaurants, 1 Big Mistake

There’s 2 restaurants I visit often.

The first restaurant is packed with people. You get in the door, you order and in a few minutes you get your food and try to find a table. Their efficiency is impressive.

Down the street is the second restaurant.

The second restaurant you can’t just show up, you have to call for reservations. When you arrive there’s always a bunch of empty tables. Most people arrive late and some don’t show up.

The first one is maximizing it’s profit at every table while the second one is leaving so much money on the table.

When I asked the owner of the second restaurant why he chooses to take reservations he tells me – it’s less stressful to know exactly how many tables are booked rather than feel overwhelmed by the unexpected number of customers.

The owner of the second restaurant is in his own way and he doesn’t realize it. His excuse is a nice justification for the fact that he doesn’t know how to implement an efficient system. He claims that he prefers to be comfortable. Yet the look on his face always seems uncomfortable when I catch him looking at those empty tables.

What’s more stressful, too many customers or not enough customers to pay the bills?

We usually don’t realize when we’re acting like fleas.

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