2 Ways People Change

There’s two ways people change.

By facing an obstacle or by discovering new evidence.

Of course many people don’t change. They grow up as the same teenager they once were. They cling to safety, validation and the “same old same old” never getting to experience life to its fullest.

The one’s that do change are rare.

To face an obstacle you must first have the courage to initiate and the perseverance to continue. You can’t always wait for everything to be perfect and you can’t fear making mistakes. You also can’t give up because it’s hard.

To discover new evidence you have to be curious and have an open mind. Not just read books or talk to people that validate what you know. But read books that challenge you and contradict your views.  And to talk to strangers who are different.

Everyone wants to change something in their life but they never think to change themselves.

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