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November 2015


Q&A: What’s A Healthy Breakfast?

Well, not cereal. Unfortunately most people think that a glass of orange juice and a bowl of Cheerios is healthy but this is far from it. If you want stable energy all day then you need to consume a breakfast higher in fat…

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5 Ways to Exercise Smarter as You Get Older

  I’m not 18 anymore and neither are you. When I was 18 years old I used to squat until I was sick to my stomach. The intensity of my workouts where insane. Not so much anymore. Don’t get me…

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Lessons From Training World Class Athletes

In 2005, I was in California with an athlete. I used to train athletes a lot more but I got more interested in training business leaders as my career went on. I found that I could relate better. Anyways, we…

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The Fat Leader

A leader should never be fat. It sends the wrong message. Unless you have a valid reason like a disease or medication not allowing your body to lose weight but even then there’s no excuse to not be trying.…


My 3 Year Old & Fear

My 3 year old daughter jumped off the dock the second I said it was OK to do so. She must have jumped off 20 times that day, going over and over again. Yesterday, an older friend of hers came over to…

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How to Never Miss a Workout

I originally wrote this one in the Huffington post here. Life as a business person is easier when you’re fit. But when I tackle a goal, I always ask myself. What’s the hard part? In business that’s often making the…