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March 2016

Lifestyle Stress

Why Cortisol and Stress are Killing You

He has a belly even though he eats very little. His blood pressure is high and he keeps getting heart burn. His hair is thinning. He has trouble going to bed and his energy isn’t the same as what…

Fitness Tips Videos Workouts

3 Tips to Avoid Injury [Video]

Avoiding injuries is crucial when training. An injury is not only uncomfortable and unpleasant (as well as potentially damaging) but it can also set you back immensely. Set backs are sometimes the primary reason why people fall off their…

Fitness Tips Workouts

Is it Possible to Over Exercise Your Heart?

I received a great question from someone in my community, Rob Lane, asking if it’s possible to over exercise your heart. My answer is yes but not with all types of exercise. Long distance endurance exercise performed at a high intensity can…

Nutrition Q&A

Q&A: Is Orange Juice Good for You?

It’s Q&A Wednesday! Today’s question is one that I get asked quite a bit and that is: is orange juice healthy? Here’s my response: You might as well have a Pepsi and a multivitamin for breakfast. Orange juice is…

Nutrition Recipes

Are Pickles Good for You?

Pickles that have been properly prepared are great for your digestion. They not only help break down food but they will help populate your digestive track with good bacteria. Similar to yogurt. That’s why they are often served as…

Nutrition Q&A

Q&A: Does Saturated Fat Cause Heart Disease?

It’s Q&A Wednesday! Today’s question comes from something I hear all the time from my clients: “But Jean Luc, I can’t eat eggs, meat, coconut oil or butter… Doesn’t saturated fat cause heart disease?” Here’s my answer to this: No, it…