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March 2016

Nutrition Q&A

Q&A: How Many Carbs Should We Take in Each Day?

A fantastic question from Natacha Paquette and Raymond Lavictoire: how many grams of carbs should we take in per day? The short answer is that most people should take in between 50-200g a day. Here’s why: Carbs produce insulin…

Nutrition Recipes

Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Cups

This recipe is from our free recipe e-book, Eat Well, Feel Amazing. Download your copy here. Ingredients Butter or lard 16 oz of cottage cheese 1 cup liquid egg whites 1 tbsp. cinnamon 2 medium-sized apples, cored and chopped…

Lifestyle Stress

Why Cortisol and Stress are Killing You

He has a belly even though he eats very little. His blood pressure is high and he keeps getting heart burn. His hair is thinning. He has trouble going to bed and his energy isn’t the same as what…

Fitness Tips Videos Workouts

3 Tips to Avoid Injury [Video]

Avoiding injuries is crucial when training. An injury is not only uncomfortable and unpleasant (as well as potentially damaging) but it can also set you back immensely. Set backs are sometimes the primary reason why people fall off their…