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April 2016


Is Food Manipulation Causing Food Addictions?

There’s a lot of manipulation that goes on in making us addicted to food. Heinz, for example, had a challenge. A study came out in the early nineties on how we acquire taste. The study showed that any food…

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Book Review: Supertraining

Book Review Time! I first read Supertraining 14 years ago and I have yet to see a book that can even compare. It’s a detailed breakdown of the Soviet way of training. This is the bible of sports specific…

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Q&A: Do Waist Trainers Work?

Q: Jean-Luc, what do you think about those waist trainers? Corset-like devices to shrink your waist. A: It doesn’t do shit. 1. It can’t manipulate your rib structure. You can only manipulate your bone structure between the ages of…

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Get Out of this Vicious Diet Cycle

There are two ways to avoid this popular cycle: Instead of decreasing calories, just focus on eating the right foods. If you eat the right foods, you won’t get major cravings that will push you to over eat. Avoid,…