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April 2016


Milk: It Doesn’t Do The Body Good

It’s time that you question what you’ve been told. Milk is garbage. Contrary to their ads, it doesn’t do the body any good. There are many problems with milk but let me highlight a handful. The problem isn’t the…

Lifestyle Motivation

Ignore the Haters

To be great you must be willing to be mocked, hated and misunderstood. I learned this lesson last year when I walked the streets with my sister and gave $1000 to random people. I talked to homeless people, students…


The Low Fat Mistake

This low fat mistake has caused a lot of damage. “Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease is a result of the federal nutrition guidelines and the increase in consumption of sugar, grain, and vegetable fat — especially trans fat.” –…

Fitness Tips Weights Workouts

10 Exercises to Be Fit for Life

Regular exercise is a big part of the strategy to living fit, happy and healthy into old age. That’s my goal. Exercise helps your body stay strong and your mind sharp. It’s easy to get lured into fancy new…