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August 2016

Lifestyle Stress

Stress Kills

Stress is at the core of all of our issues. We all know that stress kills but I don’t think people realize how surrounded we are by it. We’re equipped to deal with short-term stress, like having to suddenly…

Fitness Tips Workouts

Get Your Kids Up and Moving

I created this chart to show you why it’s important for kids to get off the couch and move. There are certain peak ages in a child’s life where they adopt most of their coordination. If these stages are…

Lifestyle Motivation Stress

The Bully in Your Head

At the end of the day – the decision to act is not going to kill you. It may seem scary but really, you’re going to look back and realize it wasn’t that bad. In fact, you’re going to…

Lifestyle Motivation

Make It Matter

Success is nice but doing something that matters is even better. It’s hard to get a sense of achievement – a feeling of fulfillment – without achieving something that maters to you. So… share your talents. Share your gift.…

Lifestyle Motivation

The Perfect Time is Now

No more thinking, no more contemplating. If your heart knows, it’s time to take the first step. Everything you’ve accomplished in your life happened because of your actions, right? Action is the foundation of success. All you need is…

Lifestyle Motivation

The Answer is No

No explanation needed, the answer is NO. One of the biggest challenges people face in reaching their goals is the ability to say “NO” in social situations. “Would you like a piece of cake?” NO. “Can you meet me…