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October 2016


Getting things done

A valuable skill to have is the ability to get things done. It’s easy these days to get distracted by Facebook notifications or to spend your day tweeting not knowing what tasks need to take priority. Below is a chart…

women in the workforce

Women will rule the connection economy

Women haven’t been treated fairly in the workplace for far too long. But tables are turning. The connection economy is more in-synch with the female brain. The connection economy is about managing connections based on trust – which requires vulnerability…


Seeing beauty in the cracks

When I heard about the tradition of Kintsugi, I couldn’t get it out of my head. In Japan there’s an ancient tradition that when ceramic breaks, it’s then resembled using a gold laker to emphasize the cracks. The philosophy behind…


Why Trust Matters More Now

To accomplish anything bigger than yourself, you need people to trust you. Trust is more important in the connection economy because it’s more visible than ever before. Not long ago, people and brands could scam people and suffer no…


People trust you when

You’re clear about your bounderies and respect the other persons. You’re reliable and do what you say you will every time. You apologize when it’s your fault. You never talk about other people’s secrets. You show integrity by acting in…

Bruno Ferrin

3 lessons from Bruno Ferrin

In the early 1970s Bruno Ferrin a natural tinkerer started building rides in a forested area in northern Italy. He created it beside his family’s restaurant in an attempt to attract customers. Today it’s now an ecological amusement park that…