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November 2016


Work With Purpose 

Work can be a lonely place. Yet work can be the source of your greatest joy. But to feel fulfilled at work you have to see yourself in the object you are creating. At least I do. Think of…


On Leadership

The best leaders I know are too busy working on their own mission to ever look at how well the competition is doing. They know who they are and they live by their values everyday.…


Marketing in Three Steps

The first step is to make your brand, idea or business so good that it markets itself. The second step is to tell the right story to the right people in the right way. The third step is to…


The Things You Own End Up Owning You

Do we really need more stuff? People fighting over sales only to fill their house with needless things. We have more stuff today than a king would have had just a few centuries ago. Even though it’s clear that more…


Why You Should Choose Your Heroes Wisely

My daughter is almost 5 years old and she loves art. When she was 3 years old I gave her a giant canvas to paint. Instead of painting on the canvas, she painted her hands in different colors and…


What Does Success Mean to You?

“If you think you’re successful now, you’re not” said the speaker. I was invited to a seminar put on by the Ottawa Executive MBA program for the winners of the 40 under 40 business awards. When I heard those…


Standing Out

If you want people to start taking notice of your work you need to show them the real you. Be honest, be open, be willing to call it as you see it. It’s not about the tactics. It’s about…