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November 2016


How Contagious is Your Business?

The hardest part about business is usually gaining customers. I have a large photo canvas at home. Everytime I have people over they ask me “where did you get that?” And I refer them to the website. Some businesses…


Starting a business with nothing

I few weeks ago I created this little business to solve my own problem. Every Wednesday I google “what to do in Ottawa this weekend” and every time it’s a 20 minute process of searching through different sites and…


The easiest way to start a business

At 17 years old I fell into becoming a self-employed personal trainer by helping a man lose 200lbs. I had been working the front desk at a fitness club called New Body Dimensions. One day I noticed a man getting out of…


Let your lover change you

People have trouble with relationships because they’re not willing to change for the good of the relationship. Paralyzed by their ego. According to Plato true love is admiration for your partner. Admiration for the qualities they themselves lack. Together partners…


The Short Story of Walt Disney

Walt Disney lived most of his childhood in Missouri. There he began drawing, painting and selling pictures to neighbors and family friends. He pursued a career as a newspaper artist where his brother Roy got him a job at…


Trump had a winning marketing strategy from the start

No one buys magnesium to prevent a headache. People buy Advil. Why? Because a headache hurts. The major reason Donald Trump won was because he chose to sell Advil to people with pain. Hillary chose magnesium and they weren’t too…


The flying frog

A frog asked two geese to take him south with them. At first they resisted; they didn’t see how it could be done. Finally, the frog suggested that the two geese hold a stick in their beaks and that…


The Lesser Liar of the Two

We know that politicians have to lie in order to win. They play to what people want to hear in order to sway the majority to their side. We know this and we accept it. Yet we still listen to what they have to say in hopes…


Turning Off Your Brain

Some activities are better when you feel them as oppose to when you think about them. Activities like playing music or playing with your kids have a better outcome when you’re in the moment. Take time to “turn off”…


Mixing business and personal

Today marks the 15th event that Chelsea and I promote. Events are all about your team. You may have heard the saying not to mix family or friends with business. Well Chelsea and I don’t believe in that. We’ve…

Lifestyle Motivation

Building Self-Discipline

You want to lose weight but you also want cake. You want to get yourself out of debt but you also want new shoes. You want to start a business but you also want to watch TV. It’s hard…

Motivation Workplace

The Secret is There’s No Secret

Oprah was repeatedly molested as a child. The abuse was emotionally devastating. When she tried to run away, she was sent to a juvenile detention home – only to be denied admission because all the beds were full. She…