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December 2016


Do You Have An Excuse Plan?

Research shows that only 8% of people are able to convert their New Years resolution into a regular habit.  People tend to start off strong but when life gets busy and motivation starts to fade away, excuses start to…


Failing to Success

In school we’ve been taught that failing is a bad thing. But failing is important. Failing means you had the courage to try something outside your comfort zone. Most people go through life afraid of taking a chance because…


Virtual Reality is a Game Changer

I tried google cardboard for the first time a few weeks ago and it blew me away. So much so that I instantly bought four more to give as gifts for Christmas. But that’s not all, every time someone…


Where do Your Customers Hang Out?

The days of marketing to everyone are over. There’s just too many channels and it just doesn’t work. New media can be targeted, tested and tracked. Just don’t confuse what works with how many likes you get on social…


You are me and I am you

I’ve played in many team sports as a kid so it’s hard for me when someone can’t grasp the concept of a team. When I played hockey it was simple. You were all individual players but you functioned as…


The Origin of Cookies and Milk

Children in Canada and the US leave cookies and milk for Santa. British and Australian children leave out sherry and mince pies. Swedish children leave rice porridge.  This giving tradition comes from the Norse Mythology of Odin where he…


The Best Gift is The Gathering

Holidays are a great reminders to what matters most in our lives. I just published an article in the Huffington Post about the power of defining your values. When you know what you value you should put time and…


What You Need More Than Anything

I was invited to watch the business students at Algonquin College pitch their business ideas. It was a final project before they graduate. The set up was sort of like Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank where I get to…


What Kills Creativity

Nintendo designer Gunpei Yokoi was riding the train to work, when he saw a businessman trying to amuse himself with a small LCD pocket calculator. He connected the nintendo to the calculator and came up with the gameboy. Everything…


Freedom of Choice

I felt sad. I was waiting for my little girl to finish dance class when a women asked a father sitting across from me if he is going to make the dance recital in a few weeks. The man looked down…


The Mask of Fear

In Papua New Guinea there’s a tribal initiation ritual that when a boy turns 5 years old and starts to become too intense for their mom to handle. The adult men in the tribe put on masks and scare the boy. The men act as personifications of the gods, the authority.…


The Old Way VS The New Way To Market Yourself

The ultimate goal of a renegade is to change something. Something you feel should be better. That’s what Steve Jobs, the Grateful Dead, Martin Luther King and just about anyone worth talking about did. For the last 100 years our…


Asking For Help

Almost everyone I’ve ever asked for help has helped me. 8 years ago I read the book All You Have is Hope. It’s a biography about a man that went from being an alcoholic homeless person to founding Second…