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January 2017


Truth and Love Always Wins

I don’t watch the news but hear it through people. And what I’ve been hearing is pretty alarming. So I thought I would leave you with a quote from one of my heroes: “When I despair, I remember that…


How to Stand Out

Screaming out loud is sure to make you stand out of a crowd but it’s kind of annoying and once they figure out there’s no reason, no one will trust you again. As I’ve said over and over again…


Addicted to Comfort

I’m sitting on a bean bag writing this. I’m addicted to this thing. Trying to stand up from it though is quite challenging. It seems that the more comfortable you are in something, the harder it is to get…


What You Share Matters

The church was the the first distribution channel for news. It followed a top down model where the priest gave his news to the masses. Then came the newspaper, radio and TV all using this same top down approach.…


Suppressing Our Human Superpower

Apparently a lot of people got offended by my last article about school. As a parent I worry about the education system. Though, I’m slowly realizing that it’s in my hands now. I think education is very important. But…


Walking the Talk

I kept telling my daughter “we have to go” but she wouldn’t listen. Recently I changed my strategy and just started to walk away and eventually in the distance she naturally started to follow. I don’t think we really…


The Confidence Gap

The white path is easy, comfortable and requires no change. The dotted path has a gap but a big payoff. It’s hard, risky and requires a financial loss. It doesn’t matter how successful you already are, the confidence gap…