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January 2017


How to Fight Fear

A man was hiking a mountain. He got his timing wrong and before he could reach his destination the sun started to set. It got so dark he couldn’t see where he was going. He was standing on a…


If You Want More Life Balance Work for Yourself

A new study just came out showing that men are demanding more life-balance from their employers. The study seems to be confused as to why employers aren’t as flexible to make the change. Yes, employers should strive to do…


Art Worth Talking About

Alison Jackson is no regular photographer. You can find her work being shared all over the internet. She’s an award-winning artist who explores the cult of celebrity culture. She uses thought-provoking images of lookalike celebrities to reinforce a cultural…


Be Expensive

If you’re self-employed. Meaning you exchange your time for money, then the goal is to be expensive. You can be cheap but that means you have to do more gigs, more appointments, more haircuts or more photoshoots. Buying expensive…


Starfish and Love

Yesterday we were on a boat in the ocean and my daughter was telling me that she wanted to take home a starfish because they are so beautiful. I told her that if she loves the starfish she shouldn’t…


4 Truths About Change That No One Wants to Admit

Having spent over a decade helping people change their lives, I’ve noticed a pattern. Hopefully this helps you break it. Here they are: 1. Things usually need to get very bad before people will do anything about their situation…