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February 2017


Women Just Need Encouragement

They don’t need answers. When I sold my company all my managers were women. They were all intelligent, hard working and much more organized than I am. When we got together for meetings I would ask them what they…


3 Ways to Change a Bad Day

1. Generosity If you’re having a bad day try making it a point to make someone feel good. Give someone a complement. When you uplift someone else it uplifts you. 2. Gratefulness Another thing you can do is think…


Creativity x Organization = Impact

If you want to create impact you must be creative as well as organized. For example: John is extremely creative. He’s a 10 on 10 when it comes to creativity but a 0 on 10 when it comes to…


100 Days of Rejection

When Jia Jiang was 6 years old his teacher embarrassed him in front of the whole class. Unconsciously the incident changed him for a long time. One day when he was 14 years old Bill Gates came to his…


Death by Mindset

Mark David Dehesa, known by his colleagues to be hard working asked to be driven to the hospital last Friday where he later died. The company is now looking at taking life-balance more seriously. I’m not against hard work.…


Word of Mouth Statistics

74% of consumers identify “word of mouth” as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions. That means that at least 7 out of 10 people looking to purchase the type of thing you sell will look to their friends…


Aiming for Better

A small business owner stopped me at Starbucks to say that he reads my blog all the time. Which is always flattering. He asked me a few questions about the issues he was facing in his business. Questions that…


The Most Important Characteristic of a Leader

A queen with no children decided to hold a competition to determine who would take her place when she died. She summoned all the children in the city to her palace and gave each one a seed. “Plant this…