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February 2017


Treat Your Partner Like You Treat Your Customers

Entrepreneurs or people who work with clients have a natural understanding of what it takes to build great relationships. They understand that it takes charm, focus and empathy. That if the other person isn’t happy you’re not happy. That…


3 Steps to Learning Any New Subject

Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Richard Feynman stumbled on a three-step formula to learn any new subject faster and on a deeper level. As Steven Pinker talks about here, Richard Feynman cautions about the things we know and the words we…


The Jester and the Bully

When I was a kid there was a boy in my class that was a bully. In the school yard he would beat up on the easiest target every chance he got. Until one day the class clown started…


Fast Food Schooling

An employee at McDonald’s can’t put their own spin on a big mac. There’s a precise recipe that needs to be followed for consistency. The school system is under the same industrial system. The system forces teachers to emphasize…


The Day I Fell In Love With Marketing

When I first opened my business I didn’t have any contacts in my area. I was right next to a technology hub of companies. One day I went on a mission to get CEO’s in the door. I decided…


What Else Can You Create For Your Customers?

Pure Yoga is a group of yoga studios in my town that could have simply stuck to yoga as in “the exercise” but instead they branched off. Instead they wanted to help their customers “live their yoga” beyond the…


Entrepreneurship On the Side

Norm had a problem. Every week he searched for fun things to do in the the city of Ottawa but it was time consuming. He would go from one site to the next searching Google, then Facebook, Meetup, then…


A Case for Optimism

The only difference between humans and a chimpanzee is that we have an imagination. An imagination that mimics things and creates ideas for others to see. Collectively our ideas become our culture. Culture guides us and is the most…


6 Tips for Storytelling That Sticks

Storytelling is at the heart of great marketing. A great story is one that stands out, that changes you and is remembered. The message should stick in the mind. Psychologists and marketers have known for a long time that…


No Enemies, No Secrets

The government, technology companies, corporations and the military all conceal information because they have enemies or competitors looking to hurt them. Withholding secrets gives them more power. But when you’re uniquely yourself secrets limit you. When you’re a category…


Great Leaders Build Other Leaders

What if your team knew everything that you knew? How much stronger would it be? How much easier would it be to trust them? How much easier would it be to replace yourself when the time comes? A true…


Why Are You Giving up on Yourself?

I was sitting with an old friend at Starbucks yesterday. She says that she doesn’t like her job. She says she’s bored doing useless work and it’s stressing her out. “I only have 18 years, 3 months and 3…


Finland Getting Rid of School Subjects

Marjo Kyllonen, the head of the department of education in Helsinki, explained the changes that are taking place in the school system: “There are schools that are teaching in the old-fashioned way which was of benefit in the beginning…


Cheap or Better

A personal trainer I know opened up his business. For the first time he had rent to pay, he had bills and a staff to pay. Then one day I asked him how it was going. He said it…