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March 2017


If It’s Important Do It Every Day

If it’s not important, don’t do it at all. Instead of trying to do a bunch of things, think about the one thing that if you did everyday would lead to success. Want to get lean? Maybe it’s having…

not giving a fuck

Not Giving A Fuck

When you put yourself out there people will criticize you. People will be harsh calling you names and discrediting you every chance they get. At first it really bothered me. But over time I realized two things. The first…


Marketing is Storytelling

Information passed on as simple data can barely be retained (7-10%) while a story has the magic of making you remember every detail (65-75%). Humans are obsessed with stories. Stories in the news, in the movies on your Facebook…


No Trust, No Community

Considering the ridiculous racist polarization of our culture right now. Karim Sulayman stood on the busy sidewalk shaking hands with any stranger that walked by because he knows that trust is the answer to building a better community. Trust…

7 habits of highly effective people

In Case You Haven’t Read The Book

7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey is a business classic that every entrepreneur should read at least once. It’s one of those books worth re-reading again and again. Here is summery: 1. Be Proactive Complaining doesn’t…


One Pole at a Time

Textile artist Magda Sayeg started an unusual movement called “yarn bombing”. She wanted to change how cold and impersonal the urban environment felt. So she decided to add colourful knit to things like polls and fire hydrants. A funny…


Bad Before Good

When you quit smoking When you start a new diet When you start exercising When you start a new business It doesn’t feel good at first. There’s a gap to get over. But any change worth making feels bad…


The Heart of the Problem

Our values become our beliefs. Our beliefs become our thoughts. Our thoughts become our actions. Our actions become our habits. Our habits become our reality. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to achieve. If you don’t start at…


The Fearless Girl

A  sculpture titled “The Fearless Girl,” appeared in front of Wall street’s famous bull yesterday to symbolize the power of women in leadership. A refreshing message after my post a few days ago about how women don’t need answers,…


Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety comes from desire. If you don’t desire anything, you have nothing to be anxious about. If you realize that you have all you need – anxiety disappears. Anxiety comes from living in the future instead of the present moment.…


How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Here is a simple post about how to start your blog and here is a list of things to remember before launching. Here is a list of ways to get traffic to your blog: Write about what people are talking…


We Can’t Talk About That

I was talking to a teenager and I asked him what he wanted to do when he was done school. He said he was thinking about becoming a vet but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go to…


The Flower and the Bicycle

A bicycle is mechanical. Find the right pieces and assemble them together and you end up with a bicycle. A flower is organic. All components are inside the seed. You place the seed in the right environment and it…