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April 2017


A School Designed To Let Kids Fall

Architect Takaharu Tezuka designed a kindergarten school that encourages risk taking, curiosity, risk taking and cooperation. The school is designed in a giant circle that is half indoors and half outdoors making the kids want to run naturally. There’s…


Just Show Up

There’s a man at the gym that’s lost over 200lbs. When I asked his personal trainer how he did it, he tells me that since day one he committed to making it a habit to show up every day.…


Be Remarkable

The word remarkable means “something worth making a remark about”. Remarks move from mind to mind and should not be taken for granted. At Pili Pili the remark is that the person working there tries to remember everyones name. At l’Atelier the remark…


Finding The Work You Were Meant To Do

I was sitting in the lobby of the Brookstreet Hotel sipping my green tea when I saw a group of men walk along this man that seemed to capture all their attention. I looked closer and couldn’t believe it,…


The Steve Jobs Advantage

I’m looking around this coffee shop and all I see is shinny grey MacBooks with a white Apple on it. When the cover is shut, the apple is upside down to the owner of the Macbook. But the symbol…



If you put fleas in a shallow container they jump out. But if you put a lid on the container for just a short amount of time, they hit the lid trying to escape and learn quickly not to…


I Wrote a Children’s Book

It’s called Liberty Race. You can get it on kindle for 2.99. Over the last 4 years, I’ve read so many children books to my daughter It made me want to create my own. It has a really nice…


Raving Fans

So many business owners miss the point. They focus 90% of their time and energy on trying to gain a customer. And when they gain that customer they stop and go back to trying to gain more. They let…


2 Minutes

Derek Sivers tells a story where he used to bike to work. Every time he went he would cycle as hard as he could. Huffing and puffing, thighs burning. When he reached his destination his time was always within…


She Was Mad

There was a lady in line at the coffee shop this morning that yelled at a kid working there. I didn’t hear exactly what was going on but she just yelled at him and stormed out. Two hours later…


Thinking About The Future

A hundred years ago the Dean of Oxford was told that the the oak beams in the dining hall were filled with beetles and they needed to be replaced. They didn’t know where they would get beams of that…



The cab driver tells me that he doesn’t know what he would do without a GPS anymore. Once you’ve used a GPS it’s hard to go back to using your internal compass – your intuition. It’s easier to follow…