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May 2017


Lifetime Value of a Customer

The biggest obstacle to a potential customer is usually the upfront cost. Potential customers don’t know if the cost justifies the end result. Because buying something new is risky. And buying from someone new is even riskier. So why…


Why You Should Choose Experiences Over Stuff

I just came back from Texas with my wife. We went to visit friends we met on our previous trip. While there we visited restaurants, parks, clubs, a shooting and driving range and more. Now more than ever we…


No One Talks About Average Stuff

Repost: I went to “Art Is In” on Sunday and the place was packed. Like I mean, my wife Chelsea and I could barely move. The other thing is that people aren’t just ordering breakfast and leaving like any…


More Responsibility = More Money

A man hired a boy to chop wood. All day he chopped away until eventually he was done in half the time the boss figured he would be done. So the boss had nothing much else to give him…


Improving VS Innovating?

Improving is internal. It’s about the now. It’s about being more efficient in the way you currently operate. It’s about self-discipline and clarity of direction. Innovating is about the external. It’s about the future. It’s about being flexible and…


Ideas That Spread Win

I was picking up my daughter after school. As I approached the fence I could see all these kids with their lips puckered blowing air. I wondered what they were all doing until one kid said “look I’m whistling”.…

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The Power of Memes

Memes are not just some image with text on it. Memes are like genes. Except where genes in the human body replicate biologically from parent to child. Memes replicate psychologically from mind to mind. Memes are ideas. Complicated memes…


Great VS Remarkable

When you’re preparing for an event, a show or a race. It’s not the actual day of the event that matters most. It’s not whether or not you’re going to push harder that day than you did the last…

lemonade stand

Why Leaders Need to be Great Storytellers

4 year old Alex couldn’t have raised millions of dollars with one lemonade stand. She needed to capture people’s hearts. Many people think that leadership is about titles or positions in a company but leadership is about one person’s…


A Tool For Conquering Your Fears

A friend messaged me yesterday telling me how the 5 second rule had really helped him conquer his fears so I wanted to share it with you. You know that voice in your head when you’re about to do…


Who sold that house?

Every time a realtor sells a house the sign lets the whole street know who sold it. Unless you have a personal relationship elsewhere, it’s pretty hard not to choose the realtor that sold all the houses on your…


Do calories on the menu work?

Theres’a new law here where calories need to be written on the menu. I went for lunch with a friend twice. The first time he went he was shocked at how many calories he was about to order and…


Embrace Your Craziness

A mother was telling another mother that she just came back from a parent teacher interview. She says her little boy received nearly perfect marks at school but the only problem is that he has too much energy and…