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May 2017


12 Reasons People Share What You Do

Because: It tells their friends more about who they are. It’s more fun when more people share it. It’s simplifies what they wanted to say. They may get a reward. Their friends and them may get a reward. It…


Join Me

This Saturday at 11am for a hike up Luskville falls, Quebec. We can talk business and life and you can meet other like-minded readers of my blog. If you’ve never been, it’s a beautiful rocky hill that takes about…


Choose Wisely

The books you read The movies you watch The the music you listen to The people you hang out with Because all these little things combined create the future you.…


The New Way To Teach

I’ve been mentoring a student for the last 4 years going through marketing in University. I met him on his last day of school and though he’s found his passion, he tells me that most of his friends are…


A Message For The Humble

It’s OK to promote yourself. To put yourself out there. It doesn’t have to be loud or obnoxious. It just has to be real. You just have to be you. Like the real you that people already love. So…


Talent is Overrated

My daughter Aspen’s hip hop teacher said she did really well in class last week. When we were eating dinner my wife asked her “why do you think the teacher noticed you were so good this week?” “…cause I…


You Can Be a Rockstar

Kristine Mirelle is a one talented artist but she’s not sitting around waiting for her music to sell. She’s on the road inspiring thousands of children and youth that: “Anything is possible” She’s telling her story all across the world.…


Why Freelancers Often Just Scrape By

The cycle goes like this: You’re not busy enough so you start marketing yourself. You ask for referrals. You make an extra effort to turn your existing clients into raving fans. Maybe you send out a few emails, have…


Traditional Media Takes Another Dive

I wrote that this would happen last year in my post You Are Now The Media. It’s fallen much deeper since then. Traditional media is losing attention from viewers every day. It’s market share is being eaten away bit…


No One is Knocking

When it comes to jumping into business I often hear the excuse that there’s already too many competitors doing what they want to do. It may be true but chances are no one is knocking. I would hire someone…

all in this together

We Are All In This Together

It’s May 8th and it’s snowing. The city next to us is in a state of emergency flooding. Of course that’s nothing compared to the disasters we hear about in other countries. We know there’s a problem at the…


The Rested Bird Gets The Worm

I’ve barely slept in two days. I’ve had to deal with a flood in my basement. I’m managing but I’m tired. It’s hard to write when your tired. I feel like it’s taking me twice as long to write…


Do What You Say You Will

It’s that simple. We used to shake hands and it meant something. It meant that we can trust each other. We had integrity. And our reputation was based on it. But so many people have no integrity these days.…