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June 2017

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Fitness Tips

3 Reasons I Love Yoga

I’ve always recommended yoga alongside strength training and long walks. The reason I like it is that we live in a fast pace world. It often takes traveling to other countries to realize how our culture is so driven…


I’m a Little Overwhelmed Today

It happens to me too. So I’ll keep it short. I’ve been promoting this event that my wife and I created called Desserfest …the ultimate cheat day. It’s going on this weekend not to mention another type ofevent 2…


Don’t Freeze, Act

In Greek mythology the snake was a symbol of fear. The story of Medusa and her head of snakes is that if you looked at her in the eyes you would turn to stone. Paralyzed from action. It’s a…


How to Raise a Kid With High Self-Esteem

Kids don’t really listen to what you say. They mostly mimic what you do. That means that if you really want to teach your kid something, it’s best to practice it yourself (see what I just did there). Self…


Following Your Dream

Coco and her sister Marlo just opened up a cafe and homemade pasta bar in downtown Ottawa on Monday. Just a month ago I had asked her about her job and there was no mention of this Dreamland business.…


Why Good Employees Leave

Two weeks ago I was having lunch with Daniel Weinand, one of the founders of Shopify. Though Daniel has always told me how great their work culture was. Seeing it in action was something else. I walked into a…


Us VS Them

Humans are hardwired to be part of groups for survival reasons. We’re not the only species to do this. For crows, the more eyes in the sky means the less risk of starving. For hyenas, it’s a way of…


Why Increasing Wages Will Lead to Less Jobs

The goal of a corporation is to make a profit. The only way to do that is to lower the cost to deliver a product or service to a customer or charge more to the customer. Business owners are…