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June 2017


Growing a Small Business

A friend of mine was nervous to expand her shop to another neighbourhood. In her mind replicating her model seemed to be the only real way to grow her business. Right before she was about to sign the lease,…


All You Can Do Is Your Best

I was talking to an entrepreneur about a recent failure he had. He was so upset and discouraged about it. He tells me that it’s keeping him up at night. People are often down on themselves for the outcome…


Why Great Ideas Fail

In 2003, I started a business called I recruited a handful of fitness coaches including former Mr Universe Andre Maille to become a coach on the website. And the idea was to connect clients with world class coaches…


Bundling Your Habits

Following through on the habits you set in place for yourself can be challenging. But it’s often the difference between success and failure of your goals. Relying on motivation alone never works because motivation comes and goes like a…


The Power of the White Jacket

The Milgram experiment was created to see how far someone will go in hurting another human being under the authority of a doctor. If you’re not going to watch the full video, here’s a little summery. Basically random subjects…


3 Ways to Minimize Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is the stress you feel from holding two contradictory values, beliefs or ideas simultaneously. A girl wants to lose weight but she also loves to enjoy life by eating whatever she wants. When confronted with the fact…


Intuition is the Highest Form of Intelligence

Instinct is the lowest form of intelligence. It’s our primal nature that is rooted in survival. It’s what Seth Godin calls the lizard brain. Living by our instinct today is living in fear. Intellect is rational. It’s about what…


Choosing to be Healthy

Yesterday I ordered a green tea and a green juice from Starbucks. The lady looked at me and said you must be the healthiest customer we have. I laughed but then she sincerely asked me how I do it?…


Being Yourself is the Key to Leadership

I met a guy at my event today. He owns a dessert shop. He was telling me that when he first opened his place he hired his first employee and it was the first time he ever had to…


I’m Not Young Enough to Know Everything

When I watch my daughter running around outside and she is caught up in the moment, climbing trees, playing with her friends, busting out in a dance; I’m reminded what life is about. Don’t chase, celebrate.…


7 Systems for Small Business Freedom

Systems bring you freedom. They allow you to step out of your business and work at a higher level. It’s a hard thing to grasp because as a business owner – you can’t see the picture when you’re in…

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Fitness Tips

3 Reasons I Love Yoga

I’ve always recommended yoga alongside strength training and long walks. The reason I like it is that we live in a fast pace world. It often takes traveling to other countries to realize how our culture is so driven…


I’m a Little Overwhelmed Today

It happens to me too. So I’ll keep it short. I’ve been promoting this event that my wife and I created called Desserfest …the ultimate cheat day. It’s going on this weekend not to mention another type ofevent 2…


Don’t Freeze, Act

In Greek mythology the snake was a symbol of fear. The story of Medusa and her head of snakes is that if you looked at her in the eyes you would turn to stone. Paralyzed from action. It’s a…