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July 2017


9 Ways to Live More Authentically

Know who you are. Always be real and sincere. Focus on trust not opinions. Live by your values. Accept and love yourself. Forget what people think about you. Don’t become, just be. Don’t be scared to show your flaws.…


The Hard Part About Writing

Psychologist Steven Pinker in his book writes that the root cause of poor writing is what he calls “the curse of knowledge”. Basically the curse of knowledge is when a writer overestimates their readers understanding of an idea –…


Removing the Armor

Most people walk around like they’re wearing an armored suit – never letting anyone see their true selves. Armor feels safe but it carries a lot of weight. Weight that never allows you to form deep and meaningful connections…

Letting go

Delaying the Inevitable

Some people want to grow and adapt to change, while others weigh you down like an anchor. There comes a time when you have to face the reality that someone isn’t going to change no matter how much you…


6 Founding Functions of School

John Gatto went in search of the original business plan of the modern schooling we have today. Which led him to The principles of secondary education by Alexander James Inglis in 1918. The reading is quite dry, so here…


What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like?

High achievers tend to live in the future. They tend to have a vision and a plan for where they want to go but rarely do they stop to think about what they want out of life on daily…


Why You’re Never Happy

Being unhappy usually comes from the false beliefs that we have in our heads. Beliefs are so common place and so part of who we are that we never think to question them. What causes pain is often the…


Measuring Your Content Success

When I owned a fitness club, the success of the club was measured by the amount of memberships we sold. But I started to notice that less than half of the people who bought a membership ever showed up.…


Defining Priorities

I just watched a customer at a sandwich shop waiting patiently at the cash for a staff member to serve him. The staff was busy writting something down and it took him a few minutes to even acknowledge the…


Lego Isn’t Selling Bricks

Lego has a patent on the circular tube you see under the brick. That circular tube allows a brick to connect to another brick when it’s off centre. That tube makes for a possible 915 million Lego combinations. Making…


The Lawn Cutter and the Gardener

Cutting the lawn is easy, anyone can do it. Just start the lawnmower and follow the lines. The problem with the lawn cutter is that his art is short lived – after a few weeks it’s as if the…


What’s New?

It’s the first question we ask someone when we haven’t seen them in a while. New is what comes up in conversation and is why the news is called the news. Yet most brands never utilize the power of…

phone addiction

Society’s Real Addiction

On Snapchat you get a score that increases the more you use it. The higher the score the more authority you get – making people want to use it more. The goal of any app creator is to get…


Pat Yourself On The Back

“Mom, look at me!” Kids constantly want approval, and if they don’t get it they’ll scream and cry until they do. But have we really changed as adults? Society simply pushes it further. We go to school where we…