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August 2017


There’s Only 3 Ways to Grow Your Revenue

The first way is to gain a new customer. The second way is to increase the size of the order per customer. And the third way is to increase the frequency of purchase of the customer. Most business’s focus…


Business Lessons From The Church

The church has the number one best selling book in the world and is the third largest owner of land in the world. They’re such a powerful business that people don’t even see them as one – until they…


What Will People Think

One of my first jobs as a teenager was working at a gym. It was a hard core gym where you found a lot of bodybuilders. When I signed up beginners they would walk the floor for their first…


False Advertising

This week Poland Spring water – a sister company of Nestle got caught false advertising their water. They advertise spring water that turns out to be tap water. Nestle has been exposed draining lakes around the US too. The…


Kindness Doesn’t Cost Anything

My little family and I have been traveling to all sorts of countries in the last year but this time we decided to travel our own country to the west coast of Canada. It’s beautiful here but there’s one…


What Money Can’t Buy

Money can’t buy love, good kids or health. Every once in a while I would get a client that was so fixated on making money they let the rest of their lives go to shit. They reminded me of…


Love Yourself

Our society is designed in a way to keep people constantly looking for approval. Everyone wants to be picked for that special school, job or be chosen to be on that famous show. What happens when we constantly look…


Rules are meant to be broken

When I started out in business I didn’t know much. I was pretty naive (though being naive has it’s benefits or at least we think so) I had many mentors and read a bunch of books but I still…


Different Boats for Different Folks

There’s many reasons to buy a boat. Someone who wants a rush will buy a speed boat. Someone who wants to party will buy a pontoon boat and someone who wants to fish will buy a fishing boat. Though…


How to Start Systemizing Your Business

It takes years to grasp certain business ideas and being the painter VS the paint is one of them. Once you understand the concept yourself, you will want to teach others on your team. When you’re trying to teach…


2 Types Of Leadership

Years ago, I was having leadership issues in my company. I had opened a second location. And for the first time my team was divided in two different locations leaving me with less control. I was losing great people…


Feeling Depressed? Help Someone Else

I was listening to a podcast about psychology yesterday and the doctor was explaining that someone who is depressed is always thinking about what others think about them. People who are depressed don’t really look you in the eyes. They…


Before You Delegate

      The ability to delegate is one of the most important abilities of a leader. Without it, leaders get stuck doing everything but leading – which isn’t good for anyone in the company. But before you delegate…


The Secret to Being Remarkable

My biggest weakness is by far my organizational skills. It’s something I’ve been wrestling with my whole life. I used to lie to myself saying that my chaotic work flow helped my creativity or that I was right brain…