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August 2017


2 Ways People Change

There’s two ways people change. By facing an obstacle or by discovering new evidence. Of course many people don’t change. They grow up as the same teenager they once were. They cling to safety, validation and the “same old…


Talking To Strangers

I asked my daughter what the word “shy” meant and without hesitation she said: “It’s when you’re scared of people”. Kids have incredible intuition and her answer is accurate. Great things come from talking to strangers. Not only does…


Thinking 10x Bigger

In the start up phase of business the problem is often that the entrepreneur doesn’t think big enough. They don’t have the experience of having built a company at a large scale and they’re buried in details that are often…


Identifying Your Tribe

People who exercise to get fit existed long before Crossfit came along. Crossfit just chose to lead them. People who do yoga existed long before Lulu Lemon came along. Lulu Lemon just chose to lead them. People who exercise…


Individualism or Collectivism?

Imagine you’re living by yourself on an island. You’re now free to do whatever you want whenever you want without concern for anyone else but yourself. At first living by your own rules feels great because we’re all born with…


Safe is Risky

Last week my Facebook timeline was filled with pictures of a giant mechanical dragon that came to my city. It was the talk of the town and was in every news outlet. The problem with playing it safe these days…


You Need Space to Think

A friend of mine just had vertigo and had to take a week off work. Lying in bed she reflected on what she really wanted out of life. After a few days of nothing to do but think –…


How to Spread Your Ideas in 3 Steps

Ideas spread through our culture in a similar manner as infectious diseases do. There are two components that make a disease spread rapidly. How strong the disease is in contracting each individual How easily it is transferred from person to…