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September 2017


2 Types of Failure

The first failure is from never trying something because you’re scared or because you’re waiting for an imaginary perfect time. This type of failure doesn’t teach you anything. The second type is the most potent of lessons. It comes…


Stop Playing it Safe

Or be ignored. There’s no sense in worrying about what people will think. Worrying about your reputation. Worrying about wether or not you will offend someone with your views. It’s your view and you’re allowed to have it as…


Patriotism is Stupid

All this news about the US has got me thinking a lot about patriotism. My whole life I’ve been told it’s a must so I never questioned it. I’ve been indoctrinated into thinking patriotism is a rule as a…


Profitable Waste

In nature, “waste” is food. Waste from one system becomes food for another system. Plants and animals decompose to make fresh soil. Where we breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, trees do the opposite. Nothing is wasted. On…


When You Stand for Something

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva showed incredible courage on Monday by standing up for what he believed in. Whether you think it was right or wrong is not the point. It’s one thing to follow a crowd but…


Your Story is a Powerful Tool

My wife and I did a live video on my Facebook page about a week ago. We asked people to submit their application for a chance to partner with us in creating a business. In 24 hours we received…



We tend to stick to what we know instead of stepping into the unknown. That means when new opportunities arise we get scared and feel pulled back to what’s comfortable. But it’s only in the unknown that we expand…


Being the Painter While Being the Paint

The painter looks at their business like an artist staring at a canvas. Their work being behind the scene. The paint on the other-hand can’t see, its part of the picture. It’s what other people see. Being the painter…


Know Your Worth

There’s a personal trainer I used to work with that had trouble asking for money. Everyone loved him because he was talented and caring but also (secretly) because he was a bargain. People would ask for deals and he…


Where’s Your Story?

I was at the farmers market Sunday to pick up a large bottle of Kombucha from Agape Gardens. I noticed the logo on the bottle had changed so I asked the owner why she changed it. She told me a…

marketing is story

We Don’t Buy What You Do, We buy Why You Do It

Looking at this ugly label, you would never think that Dr. Bronner’s soap company has over 150 employees and a revenue in the 100 million dollar mark. You would never imagine that it would have celebrity fans such as Lady Gaga…


3 Habits to Deal With Stress

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Flex your mental muscle when something scares you. Jump into the unknown every chance you get. Say yes more than no. The unknown can be a scary place. But it’s the most exciting, memorable…