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September 2017


The Last Job I Ever Had

I was working construction as a laborer, carrying wood on my shoulder to whereever the boss demanded it. One day it got so hot outside, my co-worker had to take a break from the sun. The boss screamed at…


21 Life Changing Books for Business & Life

I’ve been reading on average 3 books a week for the last 13 years. That adds up to over 2000 books. A good book for me is one that you can’t forget, one that gives you a new perspective. Here…


Jobs Technology Won’t Replace

  I was driving home when I received a text. I looked down at my phone to see who it was when I looked up I was on the other side of the road. Luckily there was no other…


Playing Small Serves No One

I’ve been talking to people lately who have great little businesses but they’re playing it small because they fear putting themselves out there. If you truly believe in what you do then you will want to bring that benefit…


Shoppers Drug Mart Now Has Self Check Out

I took this picture in Calgary last week as I noticed the Shoppers Drug Mart had 6 self-checkout stations (or as I like to call them “bots” …like robots) and only one person working the cash. There’s nothing like…


Overcoming is What Feels Good

An athlete may spend 5 years submerged in their daily actions towards an event and when the event is over they feel lost. It’s common amongs athletes to fall into a depression after they’ve achieved their goals. But this…


Slow Dance

I found this poem by David L. Weatherford that I felt the need to share with you. The best gift you can give a writer is to share their work. Here it is, enjoy: Have you ever watched kids…


Leadership and Attracting Superstars

My sister Ashley worked with me at Free Form Fitness for 7 years. It was one of the greatest parts of my journey. I miss the pure candor. Being able to both speak our minds without personal judgement like…

hurricane irma

Why Do We Wait for a Disaster to Strike?

Hurricane Irma has just broken the record for the strongest wind for the longest time frame. Last week when I was in Whistler a friend of mine was telling me that the glacier ice was melting so fast off…


How The Amish Adopt Technology

Founder of Tesla, Space X and Solar City’s Elon Musk just tweeted yesterday that the biggest threat to humanity is artificial intelligence used for war. Whether or not he’s right it’s clear that technology has been moving much faster…


Your Business is Never for Everyone

Even if you sell water, something that all of us drink to survive – some people won’t buy it because they don’t believe in it. We’re not all the same. People buy for many reasons. And if you know…