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October 2017


The Disfigured Boy Who Loved Halloween

I’m about half way through a book that I’m reading to my daughter called Wonder. In it, the main character is a little boy named August. He was disfigured since birth and the story is about his journey to…


Avoiding Difficult Conversations

I can remember telling my boss I was leaving. Telling a client that I didn’t care how much she paid me, I wasn’t going to work with her. Telling a business partner it was over. Telling an employees they…


On Altruism

Altruism means to put someone else’s needs ahead of your own. Are humans born altruistic? Anyone with children will tell you that the answer is no. Children want to possess and cling to things and parents teach them to…


Know Your Worth Part 2

A lady noticed Picasso sitting at a restaurant and walked over to his table. “Could you sketch me a quick drawing” she asked. So Picasso did. When the lady went to take the sketch from Picasso he said “that…


Follow Your Bliss

Don’t be scared to follow the road less travelled. Listen to your inner voice. Don’t let others opinions get to you. Playing small doesn’t serve the world. But start with yourself. If something interests you, go for it. For…


The Trust Equation

The reason someone will buy from you is not because you figured out how to game the system or because of SEO. People buy from people they trust. Here is the equation for trust I outlined in my e-book.…


Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We’ve been conditioned to compare. Someone else has a better house, a better car, they’re more beautiful, they have more money or more charisma. Jealousy is sparked when living in comparison – always thinking someone is higher up the…

bad habits

How I Broke a Lifelong Bad Habit

Nail bitting may not seem like a big deal to you but it is to me. I started bitting my nails as a kid. My dad would bite his nails too so I guess I just mimicked him. For…


Live Your Full Potential

We waste around 5 hours a day glued to our phones. We could be 10x more efficient than we are if we gave up all the nonsense some of us feed our brains. Imagine what the world would be…

Sagrada Família2

Thinking Long Term

Imagine working your whole life on the construction of the Sagrada Família only to know you will never see it’s completion. How different would your mindset be? The successful people I’ve known have all had a long term view.…


Giving Up On Perfectionism

From a young age we’re told to be a certain type of perfect. At school we’re told to be a perfect student. Advertisers love to show us how imperfect we are and looking at your Instagram feed you would…


Getting 10X the Results

Picture your company 10x bigger than it currently is. You have 10X the revenue. 10x the staff and 10x the customers. How different would you operate? You couldn’t work 10x harder that’s just impossible. Maybe you could get away…


Turning the Funnel on its Side

There’s a lot of talk these days about marketing funnels. Want to sell something? Just create a funnel they say. Find a group wanting a product. Create the product. Set up a landing page and create ads that will…