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October 2017


The Eagle That Died A Chicken

A man found an eagle egg and hid it in a chicken pen. The egg hatched and the eagle grew up alongside a bunch chickens. Then one day the aging eagle looked up into the sky and saw a…


Teaching My Daughter to Read

Every night my daughter reads me a minimum of 3 pages from her book no matter how tired she is. It’s one of the best parts of my day. I’ve found that the phonetic BOB Books to be the…

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Healthy Body, Productive Mind

Billionaire Ray Dalio was doing an interview about his new book Principles which I thought was so so. But when he was asked about how his health and fitness contributes to his success. Ray was so on point. Ray…


The Lock-In Effect

The lady at Starbucks is always trying to give me a gold card. She says I’m going to save a lot of money. But would Starbucks really give out a card that makes them less money? Of course not.…


Two Different Sales Approaches

There was two people trying to sell me insurance. The first sales guy found a way to weasle me into a meeting. His sales pitch was flawless. He tried to build rapport, got to my problem, painted a nice…


29 Quotes About Life & Entrepreneurship

I’m not into motivational quotes but I love quotes that make you think. Here are 29 quotes from my most popular blog posts this year. You can find more of these quotes and one’s from other people on my…


3 Steps to Creating a Self-Managed Company

At first the entrepreneur does everything themselves. They wear all the hats in the company. But the next stage of growth comes when the entrepreneur learns to let go of being personally involved in every aspect of the business.…


Scarcity to Abundance

Capitalism moves in this way. We go from not making much stuff to making too much stuff. In a bookstore or on a magazine rack, it used to be that there was only space for top sellers. The book…


Start Each Day With Gratitude

Instead of being grateful once a year, try making it a daily routine. One of the only routines we have as a family is every morning for breakfast my wife, daughter and I each name something we are grateful…

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The Best Type of Marketing

A new personal trainer starts their job. Within a few months their schedule is either packed or slow to start. The personal trainer that is slow to start may be doing everything technically right by reminding each client at…


How to Market Yourself

Marketing is about giving the person you want to help the right message in the right place at the right time. First off, you must know that it’s not about you. It’s about them. Who is your ideal fan…


You’re Wasting the Chance of a Lifetime

I have a friend that told me that he wanted to start a business. …that was 15 years ago. We live in a time where anyone with $100 can connect to millions of people. We have more leverage than…


Public Speaking Pet Peeve

Have you ever been reading something while someone asks you a question? You can’t read and listen at the same time. The same part of the brain is at work. Yet so many speakers stand there talking to the…