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November 2017


Entrepreneurs are Artists

The entrepreneur usually becomes good at business through making good decisions. They’re good at exploiting their business for opportunities to make money. But there comes a time where the business needs innovation. Yet innovation calls for a different approach.…


Understanding Your Audience

Gene Simmons knew he wasn’t marketing to teenagers, he was marketing to angry parents. Anything Kiss did that offended parents was a good business move because he knew that teenagers were tired of being denied the life they wanted…


The Joy of Creating

I’ve observed that the true artist has no interest in their work after it’s finished. No work of art seems to please the artist because their aim is mastery. My daughter values what she creates for a day or…


We Were Born Curious

A baby’s first game is peek-a-boo. The parent conceals their eyes. This creates tension in the child to wonder. Then the adult reveals their eyes to hopefully witness a smile. But along the way to adulthood a childs curiosity…


The Power of Reading

A guy I just met was telling me about how bad he felt for his friend that never learnt how to read. When I asked him what books he’s read he said he didn’t like reading. I couldn’t help…


A Lesson on Honesty

When I was a kid I would play hockey with my brother in the basement even though I was told not to. One time I shot a puck through the wall. I was so scared of my step fathers…


“Your Call is Important to us”

“Please stay on the line…” I was kept on the phone line for 45 minutes. When the person finally answered, I asked them why their companies recording is lying. The guy said he didn’t remember what it says and…


Marketing Triggers

A lady tries on a pair of pants only to find out they don’t fit. She decides to hire that nutritionist. The doctor tells a man he has high blood pressure. He decides to hire that personal trainer. Businesses…


Love, Freedom & Letting Go

A little girl loved her bunny so much that she squeezed it to death. Isn’t that sad? But lots of parents in a way do that to their children. Lot’s of adults do that to their husband or wife.…


What Makes a Good Designer?

All good entrepreneurs at one point become good designers. In the early years, entrepreneurs usually become successful by making the right decisions for the brand. They make decisions that exploit every opportunity within their business. But there comes a…

Taj Mahal Sunrise

The Value of Design

What is the value of the the Taj Mahal? Every day thousands of people flock there to see this beautiful palace built in the 1600’s. It brings people from all over the world to buy hotels and try different…


5 Marketing Channels for Service Businesses That Work

Customer referrals A referral is pre-sold and costs you nothing to gain. More importantly than that it’s a sign of how good you are. If you’re not getting any referrals, you’re either not good enough or you’re too complicated…


Stop Stopping Yourself

It’s easy to come up with an excuse why you’re not persuing what you truly want. It’s easy to come up with a beautiful story why you shouldn’t. To voice it to others while they nod in approval regardless…