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November 2017

The Doll in the window

The Doll in The Window

A little girl grew up in a family that had no money to spare. Everyday, her mom would walk the little girl to school through an alley where there was a doll shop. In the window sat the most…


7 Questions To Unlock Your Brand Story

1. Why do people really buy from you? 2. Why should anyone care about you? 3. Why do people not want to buy from you? 4. Why should anyone trust you? 5. What makes you cringe about what others…


3 Ways To Gain Wisdom

You can’t teach wisdom. You can find it, you can live it but you can’t communicate and teach it. The word sapien from the term homo sapien (or human) was coined by Carl Linnaeus. The word means wisdom because…


The Rookie Salesman

Zig was the best “kitchen pan” sales person in his company. The company sold the highest quality pans on the market. But it was time for Zig to retire and one of the rookie sales guys was nice enough…


What Happens Now?

What happens when that person you rely on so heavily decides to pack their bags and go? What will happen then? Will you have to jump back in? Will you have to give up the priceless work of the…


2 Questions Before Hiring Anyone

There are thousands of books on how to hire the right person. But the best solution for hiring is always one based on your own past experience. Here’s an exercise: Think of specific people you’ve loved to work with…