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November 2017


Doing One Thing at a Time

In the distracted world that we live in there’s a big advantage in being able to focus on putting all your energy in doing one thing at a time with all your heart. If your writting, turn off all…


The Woman Who Tried to Stop a Stream

A stream of water was rising. A women who had her house near the stream became worried that it would take it away. She decided to climb the mountain nearby and attempt to stop the stream. She piled rocks…


Feeling Scammed

Everyone’s felt scammed at least once. You buy something you’re excited about only to be disappointed by what it really is. When the price of ads go up the marketers get louder. They make things more flashy, bigger headlines…


Living Authentically

The only way to resonate with others in this world is to let go of the expectations and opinions of others. Let go of everything your parents, your friends and teachers want you to become and live your life.…


The Human Need for Play

Play isn’t just about having fun. Playing teaches kids to take risks. It allows them to see where their boundaries are. When you feel what it’s like to get hurt. You don’t want to hurt someone else. Playing helps…


The Fly and the Tree

A mayfly lives only 24h. The human looks at the fly and thinks “if I had that short of a life I would enjoy every minute.” The Great Basin tree lives 5000 years. The tree looks at the human…

best type of business person

The Best Type of Business People

I met this guy that’s been in business for 20 years. He mostly talked the whole time. He thinks he knows everything and has no interest in learning anything else. After a small chat it was clear that he…


The Circle of Worry

The doctor tells a man that he has to have an operation. Automatically the man starts to worry about it. But since worrying increases his stress hormones and affects his sleep his health gets worse. But the man can’t…


Fear is the Enemy of Freedom

We grow up with our parents telling us to obey the rules or else… The school system tells us to obey the rules or else… Religion and politics tell us to obey the rules or else… Our whole society…

The Doll in the window

The Doll in The Window

A little girl grew up in a family that had no money to spare. Everyday, her mom would walk the little girl to school through an alley where there was a doll shop. In the window sat the most…


7 Questions To Unlock Your Brand Story

1. Why do people really buy from you? 2. Why should anyone care about you? 3. Why do people not want to buy from you? 4. Why should anyone trust you? 5. What makes you cringe about what others…


3 Ways To Gain Wisdom

You can’t teach wisdom. You can find it, you can live it but you can’t communicate and teach it. The word sapien from the term homo sapien (or human) was coined by Carl Linnaeus. The word means wisdom because…


The Rookie Salesman

Zig was the best “kitchen pan” sales person in his company. The company sold the highest quality pans on the market. But it was time for Zig to retire and one of the rookie sales guys was nice enough…