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December 2017


Teaching my Daughter to be a Leader

Courage is one of the most important qualities of a leader. You can’t tell the truth without it. You can’t love. You can’t express yourself. You can’t trust and you can’t question. Courage comes first and then everything follows.…


Art as Therapy

I was walking through the gallery with a friend. She wasn’t feeling to well that day and she wasn’t sure why. We turned to a painting and I asked her what she thought about it and she described the…


The Best Coaches Know

It’s hard to be a teacher, adviser or a coach because the best ones have to live by what they teach. They can’t just tell people “do as I say but not as I do”. As a coach you…


The Elbows Are Always Bent

A lady was handing out flyers. I noticed that everyone receiving the flyer had their elbows bent. No one had their elbows locked excited to receive the flyer even though it was a free event. Everyone is suspicious. They’ve…


The 9 Question Business Plan

I was 21 when I created my first business plan. It was long and completely inaccurate. Here are the real questions you need answers to: Who is my customer? What are they buying from me? How do I reach…


Give Them What They Want

Before Earl Tupper invented Tupperware, he observed that women would put a bowl overtop another bowl to help preserve food in the refrigerator. Earl understood what makes a good designer. His design was based on a real life problem…


On Good Art

Whether you use a paint brush or a mop – Art isn’t about the tools you use but rather about doing something with love. Good art can be life changing. I find art that deals with ideas to be…


The Trophy is Not The Reward

If you’re learning Spanish the reward is that you learnt Spanish and now you can talk to Spanish people. Instead we have a society begging for a different kind of reward. They beg for validation. Begging for someone to…