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December 2017


Set Habits Instead of Goals

The problem with goal setting is that you don’t have full control over the outcome. Instead focus on what is in your control – your daily habits. Instead of losing 20lbs, commit to showing up for your workout everyday.…


Brand Values

Starbucks just added chips to their food stand where you wait in line. When mothers come in for a coffee I keep watching these kids yanking on their moms jackets to buy them. I can just imagine what it…


Listening vs Understanding

A leader was complaining that his team wasn’t listening to him. It’s not that they weren’t listening it’s that they didn’t get what he was saying. We only remember 10% of what we hear. Giving out information does very…


Slowing Your Growth

When you break a vase and you put it back together. And break it again and put it back together. And break it again and put it back together. Eventually the pieces don’t fit. You can only help someone…


7 companies scaling with kindness

A business that scales on Kindness is the best type of business model. These are the type of companies we need to share and support: 1. Patagonia 2. Tentree 3. Flor 4. Wally Parker 5. Tom shoes 6. Hand…


Plastic Flowers

You can never really love plastic flowers. They’re too strong. The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility. Something to ponder.…


Merry Christmas

Every day I get to express my thoughts on this blog. I’m so grateful for all of you who tune in. Enjoy this special time with family and friends.…


The Fear of Being Poor

Growing up I watched my parents fight over money. It was sad and scary and something I would never forget. It seemed clear to me that money was the root of all pain and suffering. From an early age…


It’s Not ADHD, It’s Called Being a Kid

My wife was at a parent teacher meeting and one of the teachers freaked out on one of the kids because he wouldn’t sit still and listen. The kid wasn’t doing anything destructive he was just wanting to play.…


Who Instead of What

For 13 years I was a personal trainer to some of the best business people in the country. Every 30 minutes I met with either a founder, executive or professional. As a personal trainer I would get to connect…


How Ideas Gain Popularity

The popularity of the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck is a good idea of a relevant topic in our culture today. With everyone realizing that vulnerability is the glue that connects people – people want…


How to turn a negative situation around

A personal trainer and wise old friend of mine was working with a client for more than 5 years. One day one of his co-workers went behind his back and started telling his client that she could do a…


Can VS Should

If you talk to a good developer about creating an app you’ll soon realize that you can do just about anything you want these days. Want your app to upload stuff to the cloud? Want your customers to be…