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January 2018


Starting with the end in mind

Any top athlete will tell you that they workout with the end in mind. They have a clear vision of them competing in the final match or race. They picture who they want to be and they work everyday…


The advantage of being broke

In my experience companies that start with a lot of money tend to cut corners. Money often compensates for a lack of creativity. With money it’s easy to fall for the simple decision to aim for mass marketing. It’s…


The man who made himself a job

A personal trainer I know opened up his business. I tried to help him but he wouldn’t listen. For the first time he had rent to pay, he had bills and reception staff to pay but he looked excited…


My Favorite Marketing Moment

When you start a business with no money like I did you’re forced to learn how to stretch a dollar. My wife and I had friends down from Texas staying over at our place. We asked them if we…


Why people hate their job

One of my clients who happened to be a billionaire invited me to his office near Toronto. When I arrived a lady greeted me and gave me a tour of the whole building. Then she brought me to my…


I am greatful for my obstacles

I spent all day being filmed for a video about my journey (which I can’t wait to show you). Along with a camera crew I drove out to my small country town were I grew up. I stood in…


Positioning your brand

The mind only accepts what it knows to be true. The goal isn’t to create something new or different. The goal is to manipulate and retie the connections that already exist in the mind. Don’t try to debate, trick…


Small Business Text Marketing

I went to a restaurant with my wife a few nights ago. It was packed so we had to wait. The hostess took my phone number and texted us when our table was ready. Just like that they were…


How to trust

I used to have trouble trusting people. Maybe that’s what led me to write a book about trust. In the early days of leadership trust to me had to be earned over time. I felt like I had been…