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February 2018


How to overcome shyness

Shyness comes from thinking you are different than everyone else. It only happens when we see the differences in people rather than similarities. The pimple faced boy can’t approach the pretty girl because he feels he can’t relate. He…


Trying to live in the now and the future

It’s hard to plan your day when you wake up wanting to improve the world and also enjoy the world. I meditate on most days. I’m all about living in the moment and letting things unravel but in the…


Wise Old Man

I was talking to an old man and he was telling me that a lot of his friends retired but because they’re older and not in shape like they used to be. Many are not wanting to travel anymore…


3 misconceptions about entrepreneurship

1. A good student makes a good entrepreneur I have a mug I use most mornings for my green tea that has a collage of dropout billionaires on it. I made it myself. It’s a reminder that good grades…


Stop learning and get on the phone

Companies that win are companies that take action. Period. Information is everywhere these days. It’s easy to get caught up trying to know everything instead of doing the work needed. It seems that the more we learn the more…


10 metrics all entrepreneurs should track

I just got off the phone with my team of entrepreneurs at MIYAGI which inspired this post. One of the key principles of business is to understand and know the numbers/metrics in your business. Metrics or “key performance indicators”…


Test and tweak

Kid toys are generally filled with buttons to push or nobs to turn. As kids we naturally tinker with things. It’s in our nature to see a red button and to want to push it. It’s our way of…


Stone Soup

I read this old book called Stone Soup to my daughter the other day and I thought the message applied well to leadership. It’s about some travelers who come to a village, carrying nothing more than an empty cooking…


Dealing with competition

When I first opened my gym, I was the only gym around. A year later Goodlife opened less than a 1km away. Then Greco fitness opened directly in the building next to me. Then Crossfit (which was an ex…