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March 2018


The Near Future of Technology

It’s impossible to predict where a rain drop will fall but you can predict that it’s going from the sky to the ground. That’s how editor of wired magazine Kevin Kelly once described his ability to predict technology. In…


8 ways to serve better than your competitors

I met with a client a while back that owns 6 restaurants. Two of them were making money and the others weren’t. When I looked at the menu everything was organic and health conscious which I loved but I…


Giving up control

You gain control by giving it away. Sounds weird but it’s true. That’s how your body works too. Your heart pumps without your control. You lungs breath without your control. Your mind works without your control. Letting go is…


Be the qualities you seek in others

One of my heroes is Richard Branson not only because of the level of success he’s achieved but because of the way he lives his life on his island doing what he loves. But if I dig a little…


3 truths about success

A friend of mine tells me she’s been thinking about this business idea for the last three years. She can’t get it out of her head and now she’s working on making it a reality. Many of the business…


Before you start a business get a market fit

Timex watches were being sold in pharmacies before they changed their position in the market and made it successful. Dixie cups were sold with water fountains before they made it successful. Kleenex was a makeup removal product before they…


Why you should support small businesses

This study showed that for every $100 you spend at a local small business, $43 goes directly back into the community. When you give your business to a big box store, only $13 returns to your community. If all…


Destination Life Balance

What does that life balance really look like? If “balance” means a fair distribution of hours, is that what everyone really wants? We’ve heard about work-life balance for a long time and it’s taken on a number of meanings.…


Saying yes to life

Lately I’ve been realizing how powerful it is to say yes to life. I keep randomly meeting the most interesting people by saying yes and life just keeps giving me more. For my incubator MIYAGI I keep saying yes…


What makes a great salesperson

I was putting on an event and I needed to hire a superstar sales person in less than a week. I could of asked around but I needed someone that was hungry and willing to do whatever it takes.…


Aristotle’s 3 pillars to persuasion

I like to read old books. And when you read old book you start to notice that many of the new age books we read are simply regurgitated and re-packaged ideas of the past. Something Ryan Holliday writes about…


10 things you must take responsibility for

Most people tend to avoid responsibility. As humans we are born completely dependent of our parents and we work our way towards autonomy as adults. But along the way some people get stuck. Some people in one aspect of…


Learning from your pain

When our knee is in pain we stop and say “something is wrong” we stop and question what it could mean? How it may have happened? Where the pain is coming from? The point is that we are aware and…


Wantrepreneur VS entrepreneur

We all know by now that school was never built for entrepreneurs, it was built for employees. That means it’s left a bunch of people without the skills to sell. It’s left people with the fear of standing out,…