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March 2018


Emotionally Beautiful

We love to talk about how attractive celebrities are even though most are simply born that way. Competing on beauty standards is out of your control. Sure you can go get plastic surgery and try to play the Kardashian…


Fishing for customers

My favourite food is pizza, but if I bait the hook with pizza I can’t seem to catch any fish. The fish don’t like pizza, they like worms. So instead of thinking about what I want I have to…


17 ways to gain more clients

Care for your clients so much that they feel the need to refer you to others. Create an irresistible low cost and short time commitment offer to help prospects take the first step. Hit the phone and get former…


Cultivating Happiness

It’s common for us to get pulled into constant negative thinking. We may have just accomplished something incredible yet we ignore the positive and focus on the little things we did wrong. We often compare ourselves to others or…


How to meditate in 3 easy steps

When your mind is always going it’s hard to think clearly. Meditation has a way of creating space in your mind to think and it’s one of the most powerful daily habits you can introduce into your schedule. There’s…


The Day I Doubted Myself

Seth Godin has been one of my favourite authors for the over a decade. I admire his way of thinking, his values and his wisdom. His books have helped me through many hard times in business. They’ve also enlightened…

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Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time

There is no perfect time. The conditions are never perfect. If you’re waiting for the perfect time, you’re going to wait forever. Do you want to be laying in your death bed wondering why you never went after what…