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April 2018


Projections from the past

My dog Stevie is always yapping away. If he’s not attacking the cat, he’s barking at a squirrel or at what’s going on on TV. Every time he does, my blood pressure rises. I get emotional. But then I…


True love gives you wings

A little boy had a crush on a little girl. He was shy and didn’t know how to approach her. He noticed that all the little girl seemed to care about was birds. She had birds on her cloths,…


I wish someone would have told me

I wish someone would have told me where I needed to start my journey was sitting on the floor with my eyes closed. I wish someone would have told me that the first step was not looking outside myself…

young adult man, personnel cleaning the pool from leaves

What do your customers value?

I had a pool guy that used to clean my pool. He was starting out his business and I was excited for him. Being who I am, I wanted to help him. I kept trying to talk to him,…


No Rain, No Flowers

I had a challenging week last week. A close friend was in the hospital. I lost a few great people on my team at MIYAGI. I had to have a serious heart to heart with my operations person (which…


The journey is the goal

I used to think that the trophy at the end was the goal. That success was about how fast I could climb the mountain. But then I started to ask myself about the type of life I wanted to…


7 simple steps to gaining customers

Grab attention (ad, post) Pull them in to your platform (store, website) Sell or give them something to collect their info Build trust overtime by sending them valuable info Sell them something else they want Analyze the sales metrics…


Don’t let anyone make you feel small

When I was 18 years old I joined a network marketing company selling some special protein. I recruited and signed up a bunch of my friends. As time went on I started to feel like the company was sketchy.…


Push VS Pull Advertising

If you live in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver and you’re tired of searching for events coming up, Norm at does the work for you by curating a list every week that gets sent to your inbox. Now…


Do you say no?

I’ve written recently about the importance of saying yes to life. Life is meant to be lived and saying yes breaks though the mundane and brings life adventure. But what about saying no? Most business owners I’ve worked with…


Selling is helping

So many people are scared of the word sales. When they think of sales an image of a shady used car salesman comes up. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve had the privilege of meeting amazing…