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May 2018


What is an artist?

A lady in the gallery this morning asked me if I was an artist. I answered yes and she asked me if I was a painter or a sculptor which I replied that I was an entrepreneur. She smiled…


The trip is the goal

I’m writing this from my phone while I’m on a road trip to the east coast of Canada. I’m listening to my buddy Mike play the guitar as I watch the scenery change outside the window. If the goal…


Leadership Ego

A leader with ego is fueled by what others think of them. Their bio, their education. They live to look good in the eyes of others and have lost themselves in the process. To the ego driven leader everything…


We are love

Forget what you have been told. We are not born in sin we are born in love. The whole journey we are on is really about removing any obstacle or false belief that keeps us from knowing that. That…


I hope you’re not marketing to everyone the same?

When you’re marketing something there’s always a large group (~30%) of people that know they are not interested in what you sell. Then there’s another large group (~30%) of people that don’t think they’re interested in what you sell.…


What is restricted becomes more desirable

A week ago my daughter tells me that she can’t wait to be in grade six because they are allowed to bring cell phones to school and she can’t. She went to church with her class yesterday and she…


You become who you hang around most

When a plant isn’t growing we change its environment. Never underestimate the effects of pessimistic, unambitious and disorganized people around you. Your environment has the power to extinguish your fire as much as it has the power to ignite…


Going back to the source

Imagine a caveman pointing at a river and making a sound to his family Waaahhhhherrr. The next time the family sees a river they repeat the word with a slight alteration. Eventually when enough people use it, it becomes…


Stop living in fear

I live in forrested area and there was a crazy windstorm last night. I was driving home from a friends house and the signs on the street where swaying back and forth and branches where flying onto the road.…


A new way to lead

The word leader used to evoke an image for me of a strong muscle bound warrior ahead of the pack. Images of Mel Gibson in Braveheart or Brad Pitt in Troy fighting the battle have been burnt in my…


Meditation doesn’t give me anything

I started adding 15 minutes of meditation to my daily routine about 2 years ago. Then over time I started to see the benefits and increased it to 20 minutes, then 30 minutes and now I do an hour…


Where did I go?

I had no wifi last week to write my blog post. I was in Cuba and it’s the first time I miss a day let alone a week in the last 2 years and I have to say I…