3 changes to a better world


1. Ignorance to wisdom

Ignorance is about deliberately ignoring important information. It’s about hiding from the truth. We’ve been encouraged to act ignorant most of our lives. Don’t worry about what’s going on, just watch tv, drink beer and buy stuff. Ignorance works hand in hand with obedience. The child who asks one too many questions why they must follow the rules and the parent, teacher or priests is sure to answer “because I said so”. Wisdom is about asking questions. It requires control of one’s primitive drives like lust, anger, aggression and jealousy so that the universal principle of reason will prevail to determine one’s action. Wisdom is a disposition to find the truth coupled with an optimum judgement as to what actions should be taken.

2. Anger to compassion

Anger doesn’t help anyone, it’s poison. Swallow anger and you’ll get ulcers. Keep swallowing it an you’ll get cancer. Anger comes when you want something and someone prevents you from getting it. Like someone cutting you off on the road to your destination. Because you can’t get what you want, you become frustrated and angry like a child that wants their iPad back. It’s an attachment to an expectation. But anger is a cover up for fear. By being angry we raise our voice and try to make the other person afraid. A protective mechanism to hide our own fear. With awareness we can realize this. We can dissociate with it. We can channel it. We can learn to let go and forgive. We can realize that the person isn’t angry, they’re scared and that the best solution isn’t to turn up the volume but to show them compassion. You can’t save anyone, you can only love them. And the more you love the more you grow.

3. Greed to generosity

In mythology the dragon is a symbol of greed, the hoarder of gold and women in the cave. What is a dragon suppose to do with gold and girls? It has no use for it but still it wants it, it craves it. Grandi said “earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” and that is one big challenge in this world. We know that money beyond our basic needs doesn’t bring more happiness yet we still want more. We cling to our primal desires believing we are entitled to be rich and mighty only to end up lonely. If you’re not happy with what you have now, you’re not going to be happier with anything more. Growth for the sake of growth is for cancer cells. With awareness we can rise above this and think of it differently. We instead can believe in the power of generosity. The power of good. We can trust the world we live in. We can give more than what we can. We can do things with no expectation of getting anything back and trust that things will be OK in the end. It’s a much better way to live.

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