3 Common Barriers to Business Growth

Barrier #1: The need to grow leaders below you

You can only scale so far on your own. If you’re always giving your team the answers, you never allow the people below you to think and grow for themselves. It’s not about what to think as much as how to think.

Try to talk less and listen more. Empower them, allow them to make mistakes and guide them instead of ordering them.

Barrier #2: The need for systems to handle the growth

A sky scraper is only as high as its structure is strong. Systems allow for predictability and fine tuning – helping you move to the next stage of growth.

Barrier #3: The awareness of the industry

Don’t try to swim upstream. You’re either going to be exausted or drown. If you don’t keep an eye on the market trends and move accordingly it can easily leave your business obsolete.

See how you can use the trend to your advantage. Or as my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach once told me “Don’t fight energy, use it.”

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