3 Habits to Deal With Stress

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Flex your mental muscle when something scares you. Jump into the unknown every chance you get. Say yes more than no. The unknown can be a scary place. But it’s the most exciting, memorable and life changing place. The unknown will always be there since it expands infinitely outwards. So you will never know what you’re capalabe of unless you embrace the unknown.

Release the grip. We cling to materials that keep us in the past. We cling to false ideas of the way things are suppose to be. And we cling to people who relieve our insecurities. Stop clinging and just appreciate things and situations for what they are. We all have to deal with our fears of loss but we can’t lose what we don’t cling to.

Be in the moment. Remove distractions. Don’t think about the future. Think about the present moment. If your working, go at it one thing at a time – the future is only a result of what you do today anyways. If you’re relaxing listen to the sounds around you as if every sound was an instrument in an orchestra. Anxiety is experiencing failure ahead of time. If you think in the now, it all disappears.

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