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3 of the Most Popular Health and Fitness Questions I Get Asked

Q1: What can I eat 10 minutes prior to a workout to give me a boost of energy?

A1: Assuming your workout is a resistance training workout and not a long endurance workout I would say anything that will boost dopamine levels will help you gain energy and feel motivated. Coffee or green tea are easy ways to boost dopamine. But my favourite is 1200mg of the amino acid tyrosine taken 30 minutes before.

Q2: Should I workout again if I’m still sore?

A2: No. You will be weaker and are likely to have limited range of motion from swelling. Wait until you’re fully recovered and work another muscle group in the meantime.

Q3: Am I doing something wrong if I’m not sore anymore after a workout?

A3: No. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) has nothing to do with hypertrophy. DOMS happens when you do something that is new. Take a powerlifter that is used to doing heavy sets of 1-5 repetitions and get him to do 500 push ups and he will be very sore (or vice versa) but does that mean he got stronger or gained more muscle than if he would have kept up with a barbell? No. The new stimuli is what creates this pain but it doesn’t translate to more hypertrophy or strength according to Nosaka, Ken (2008).

It’s smarter to focus on getting stronger or being able to accomplish more volume since this translates to building muscle. Variety is important as long as it makes sense to the overall goal you are trying to accomplish.

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