3 Ways To Gain Wisdom


You can’t teach wisdom. You can find it, you can live it but you can’t communicate and teach it.

The word sapien from the term homo sapien (or human) was coined by Carl Linnaeus.
The word means wisdom because he believed it was a dominating feature of humans.

But technology is eroding our wisdom.

For example the person who wears a watch loses the ability to tell time by the sun’s position in the sky.

Wisdom like happiness is not gained but unraveled. A wise person is a curious person. They cast a wide net when learning and tend to understand the connection between things. They start by knowing themselves and how their impact affects other people, animals and the planet.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” said Aristotle.

There’s 3 ways to gain wisdom by order of greatness.


1. Reflection
2. Imitation
3. Experience

The saddest aspect of our current culture is that science is gathering knowledge faster than society is gathering wisdom. We need more wisdom!

When talking to people I realize that in this distracted world, reflection is the most painful of all.
To sit there and deal with your issues is hard, but it’s also life-changing.

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