4 Tips From Billionaire Entrepreneur Sir Terence Matthews

Terry is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in Canada having founded companies in all sorts of industries including technology, real estate, hotels, golf courses and more.

I’m lucky to have gotten to know Terry and his wonderful family of entrepreneurs over the years. 

If there’s one thing I’ve absorbed from being around Terry is that he’s always thinking world class in everything he does. 

Here are 4 tips from the SAAS North event:

Timing is everything. It’s not that your idea is special or that you have special skills no one else has. It’s about but the timing of whether or not people are willing to pay for what you want to sell.

Share equity. When everyone owns a piece of the pie it creates alignment for the whole team. Having everyone share the wins and the losses creates the right structure for a strong team.

Listen to your customers. Instead of creating customers for your product – create products for your customers. Ask your customers if they would be willing to pay.

Think global. If your idea works in one city or country, consider creating partnerships in other cities and countries. It’s easy for anyone to just take a successful idea from one city and bring it to the next so it mine as well be you.

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