4 Truths About Change That No One Wants to Admit


Having spent over a decade helping people change their lives, I’ve noticed a pattern. Hopefully this helps you break it. Here they are:

1. Things usually need to get very bad before people will do anything about their situation

The 3000 year old story of exodus shows us that even through starvation and death people fear to leave their homes in search of something else. They wait by the sidelines in hope that things are going to get better.

2. Nature can’t direct your steps if you aren’t taking any
Buckminster fuller the famous inventor best known for popularizing the geodesic dome said “don’t fight forces, use them”. Nature wants you to change but you’re responsible for taking the first step.

3. People need to see a difference quickly to keep going
We’ve all tried to lose a few pounds. Nothing motivates you more than seeing the scale drop a few pounds the first week.

4. If you don’t take the time to change the structure of your life it won’t work longterm
How many people start a new years resolution based on motivation only to find themselves back to their old habits? If you don’t focus on changing the structure of your life, the habits and rituals – you won’t succeed in the longterm.

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