5 Marketing Channels for Service Businesses That Work

Customer referrals

A referral is pre-sold and costs you nothing to gain. More importantly than that it’s a sign of how good you are. If you’re not getting any referrals, you’re either not good enough or you’re too complicated to talk about.


Email is still the most powerful online source or revenue as far as I know. People still use their email. But they have to want your email. As Seth Godin once said, people don’t want email, they want MEmail. So make sure your email is valuable to the person receiving it.

Facebook/google ads

People spend on average 50 minutes a day on Facebook. The beauty about Facebook is that you can see direct results. Unlike when you buy an ad on TV, you have no idea how well it did. Facebook is also great because you can target your business to the right people.


There’s something really powerful about speaking in front of a group. It’s a great way to show your expertise while selling your business. It works great for businesses that need more explaining.


Creating partnerships is hard but can pay off huge. The one’s that have worked best for me are when the people in a partnership also use each others services.

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