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5 Steps to Stop Talking About Exercising and Actually Start

It’s time to get back into the routine, wouldn’t you say?

Why can some people jump into a fitness routine and maintain that consistency while others just can’t seem stick to it?

It’s not laziness because I know many hard working people that can’t stick to fitness. Sure sometimes it’s that the desire just isn’t there. But having done many assessments with people who have never exercised I can tell you that most people fail because they fail to prioritize exercise over other activities in their day and fail to organize exercise into a regular routine.

“There’s people that make things happen. There’s people that watch things happen. and then there’s people that wonder what the hell happened.”

Hopefully after reading this you will fall in the first category.

I hear it from my clients all the time: “If I didn’t have an appointment, I wouldn’t show up.” The appointment adds it into the structure of their day.

We seem to know this when it comes to business that an idea is just an idea until you add structure to it. It’s the structure (phone calls, marketing efforts etc) that makes the idea come to life. Yet when it comes to ourselves we forget.

Here is how you do it:

1.  You have to look at your schedule and think what time of day would be most realistic. Is it 3pm because your unproductive at that time? Is it early in the morning because it’s over and done with. Or is it at night when the kids are in bed.

A good strategy is to look at your priorities and overlap them. If you want to spend time with your kid maybe their old enough to start the gym with you. Not a bad thing to teach them either.

Need to workout but you have a meeting? How about a workout/business meeting?

There are endless ways you can overlap your priorities when you start to think about it.

2. You need to think about how much actual time you have. Is it 15 minutes or can you do a full 45 minutes. 15 minutes is much better than nothing so don’t convince yourself you don’t have time.

3. You have to figure out what you will do. Is it a bodyweight circuits at work, a dumbbell workout at home or is it getting a personal trainer at a convenient spot near your work.

4. You need to pencil it into your schedule and start making it a habit. 

5. Who would you hate to let down? Make that person hold you accountable. We tend to do better if we care what the other person thinks about us.

Structure allows you to make this a reality. In the book Switch, by Chip and Dan Heath they describe the motivation to change but what I’ve found that keeps you going is structure.

Now that I talked about structure:

Here are action steps you should take right now, if you want to get in shape starting today.

  1. If you don’t have 20 minutes now, schedule a time so you can think about and research what’s the best option for you considering you other priorities.
  2. After you’ve made a decision on the best solution. Do whatever it takes to get started (schedule an appointment, call, email whatever).
  3. Block off your schedule on those days and get started.
  4. Get someone positive to hold you accountable to showing up

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