6 Tips for Storytelling That Sticks


Storytelling is at the heart of great marketing.

A great story is one that stands out, that changes you and is remembered. The message should stick in the mind. Psychologists and marketers have known for a long time that people don’t buy something out of logic. We don’t buy products because they’re 2% better. We buy them because of how the product or service makes us feel. How the story makes us feel.

As the internet continues to get noisier, the need for a quality storytelling is crucial.

But what makes a story memorable? Well, that’s exactly what the Heath brothers set out to figure out when they wrote the book Made to Stick.

Here is a summery. A story needs to be:

Simple: What’s the one message you want to get across? Don’t choose more than one.
Unexpected: Break the pattern and do something different from what we are used to seeing.
Concrete: The word “apple” is concrete, you can see it, touch it and remember it. The word “spirit” is abstract and hard to grasp.
Credible: Doctors add credibility but so do details, studies and human-scale statistics.
Emotion: Happy, sad, angry or surprised, a great story always makes you feel something.
Stories: Break down the big stories into small stories. Stories sell.

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