7 entrepreneurial lessons you never learned in school

  1. Failing is part of the game. In school we are told that failure is a bad thing which makes it scary to want to try new things. Any great entrepreneur will tell you that failure is part of the game. You have to try a lot to succeed.
  2. Question everything. First of all never trust anyone who tells you not to question them. Second of all, school for the most part gives you the questions and you need to come up with the answers. But as an entrepreneur it’s all about coming up with the right questions. How much profit will this make? Where are we stuck? As an entrepreneur it seems that all I do is ask questions.
  3. Always be creating. To be creative you have to create a lot. As I’ve written in my latest e-book, we are born creative and school just beats it out of us. Fear and conformity is the enemy of creativity. So the more you can free yourself of that the more creative you will be.
  4. Learn to lead. In school we are taught to obey the rules. We rarely get to lead other people and only when we get promoted at work do we realize how hard that is. A good entrepreneur fills in his weaknesses with the right people.
  5. Learn how money and cash flow works. Why money is not discussed in school is beyond me. Everyone should learn how to fill out a mortgage application to buy their first house. Everyone should learn the difference between an asset and a liability. Everyone should learn how to manage and stay out of debt. Everyone should learn how to create wealth.
  6. Learn to manage your time. At school we just show up for class because that’s what is set out for us. As an entrepreneur no one is telling you what needs to be done. You don’t have to show up but you’re not going to get anything that way. You have to manage your time. It’s easy to get pulled into doing useless work that won’t allow you to succeed. You need to make sure you are always doing what you are best at.
  7. Who you know is often more important that what you know. They don’t tell you this in school but it’s true. The focus of school is to dump information into our brains. But as an entrepreneur you quickly realize that connecting with the right people is much more powerful than trying to be the smartest at everything. Surround yourself with the best.


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